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    Conflict in the Red Sea Causing Freight Market Instability: Xeneta

    According to new data from Xeneta, container shipping companies are weighing risks and benefits in negotiating new contracts as the market continues to be affected by uncertainty in the Red Sea.


    The road to the Cau Treo international border gate has been reopened.

    (HQ Online) – In an exchange with Customs Magazine, a representative from the Customs Department of Cau Treo International Border Gate stated that following the occurrence of landslides on certain sections of National Highway 8A leading to the Cau Treo International Border Gate, 


    Importing Alcohol Products into Vietnam – Procedures and Requirements

    Welcome to the world of alcohol importation! Navigating the intricate procedures of importing alcohol requires a comprehensive understanding of regulations, documentation, and taxes. In this guide, we’ll explore the essential steps and considerations for importing alcohol, ensuring a smooth and compliant process. Let’s dive in!


    Sea-air routes gain as bypass option for Red Sea shipping delays

    As major container shipping lines consistently bypass the Red Sea to avoid the threat of rebel missile attacks, air cargo volumes are finally getting a boost. Preliminary data now backs anecdotal reports a month ago of businesses shifting some Asia exports for Europe and North America to air transport as a way of avoiding delays.


    The likelihood of shipping companies facing increased difficulties in 2024

    The recent escalating tensions in the Red Sea have forced major global cargo shipping companies to take detours. However, this is just one of the challenges that large shipping companies will face as 2024 unfolds.


    Sea shipping firm expects lower demand in 2024

    Vietnam Maritime Corp (VIMC) is bracing for a downturn in sea shipping demand this year due to escalating global geopolitical tensions adversely impacting the sector.


    Importing Bags into Vietnam – Procedures and Requirements

    Importing fabric bags and leather handbags involves bringing these products from different countries, such as China, South Korea, Japan, Europe, and Thailand, into Vietnam. To successfully navigate the import process, importers need a solid understanding of international trade and familiarity with customs regulations.


    Importing Steel into Vietnam – Procedures and Requirements

    Unicorn Global Vietnam presents key information on steel import procedures, HS codes, alloy steel, and import policies. Steel, a crucial construction material, is sourced globally, with imports encompassing various forms such as coils, bars, pipes, and sheets.